Life in China, 2. Open bank account in China

2. Open bank account in China


It is convenient if we have a bank account to live overseas. It is the same thing in China, so if we have a bank account in that area we will be able to use such as online shopping, so we'd like to open it in the early time of new life.I am going to explain because even  foreigners can open a bank account in China.

documents necessary

1. Passport (required)

2. More than half a year visa (more than one year depending on the bank)

3. Address (Temporary one can be opened at the time of opening)

4. Phone number (required)

5. (Japanese) Driver's license (International driving license issued in Japan is unnecessary)

6. Application form for opening an account (it is located in each bank)

About ten years ago, it seems that a traveler could easily make an account, but now regulation is getting a bit stricter. Semi-annual visas may refuse to open an account. However, since there are standards for each province, branch office, and employee, that is China. so it may be possible to open a account if the branch changes at the same bank. We will look at what we need.

1 and 2. just carry a passport.

3. In principle it will be the address where you are registering a residence, but there are some banks accept an address such as a hotel staying temporarily.

4. Phone number is absolutely necessary. Since you have to receive the confirmation PIN number by SMS during the opening procedure, let's have a mobile phone contract before opening. Please refer to this article for mobile phone contract.

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5. please carry it, banks ask for copying as well as passports.

6. the application form is in the bank, we will write it according to the instructions of the employee. Even Japanese people basically need to write the same name as their passport by alphabet in the field of first and last name.

After filling in necessary information, if there is no incompleteness in the necessary documents, you can get an ATM card after opening processing. you can use it immediately, let's check whether there is a problem with the operation for ATM. The image below is an application form for opening an account of the Bank of China, one of the four major banks in Chinaf:id:travelife:20170208151257p:plain

1: family name, 2: first name, 3: telephone number, 4: province name, 5: address, 6: postal code, 7: occupation, 8: signature, 9: date filled in