Life in China, 1.Driver's license in China Preparation for necessary documents

1. Driver's license in China  Preparation for necessary documents


Left: the application form(1), Middle: Physical test form(2), right: Translation form of driver's license(6)

what documents we need,

1. Application form

the application form in a 車両管理所, it should write to compleat on the day of application. →  On that day

2. The form of Physical test

A form of physical test must be prepared in advance. Since the paper itself is located in the hospital, we will contact the hospital in advance to confirm whether the test is being carried out. For hospitals that can handle in Japanese, the examination fee is set high (around 100 yuan). Since it is a simple test, you can do it cheaply if you take a test at a slightly larger hospital in the local (10 yuan). Since it is necessary to submit a photograph before receiving the inspection, let 's prepare one 1 inch photograph. After that 1 inch photograph will be submitted to the 車両管理所 also 3 pieces, so a total of 4 pieces are required. When the physical test is over, the hospital will paste the previous photo on the certificate and push the stamp. →  Completion

3. Copy of passport and visa

Please copy it.  → Completion

4. Residence registration table

In the case of China, if you are staying for more than a year, you need to register the residence by public security. However, in the case of a half-year visa, there is no need for it, and a temporary residence registration table is issued from the university dormitory. However, since that is not enough, we go to public security with a temporary residence registration table, and get a stamp there.  → Completion

5. Copy of driver's license in Japan (own countries)

Please copy it.  → Completion

6. Japanese (own countries) license translations

For vehicles that we can drive, we have to translate according to the Japanese (own countries) driver's license. Paper is provided in the 車両管理所. we can put it together with the application form on the application day. Since staff will tell us where we do not understand, please check. we will self-sign at the end.  → On that day

7. 4 pieces of 1 inch size photographs

Let 's take a picture of 1 inch size in a local photo shop. At that time, if we say that it is for a driver's license, I think that the store's person knows the photo size and necessary number of pieces. The first one is used for physical test form. Next, we use 3 pieces at the time of application. Normally 1 inch size photo is set to 8 pieces and the charge is around 25 yuan (background is white).  → Completion


Applying counter at the 車両管理所. There are many kind people, so do not worry.

The necessary documents are ready with the above. Let's go to the application after checking the 車両管理所 that has jurisdiction over the area. If the application is accepted, the examination date will be decided. Next is exam preparation