Life in China, 1.Driver's license in China Basic knowledge

1.Driver's license in China Basic knowledge

Japanese people driving cars in China are unusual. As a reason,

1. We are not familiar driving in a right side with left handle, that is opposite to Japan

2. Pedestrians and electric bikes in China do not obey traffic signals and are dangerous

3. There are many traffic jam in the city area

4. There is a language problem, we can not respond in the unlikely event, and we are not familiar with insurance content etc.

5. Taxi fare is cheap

And for another big reason,

"Japan motor vehicle license, even international driving license can not drive in mainland China"  For these reasons I feel a disadvantage over the merit of driving a car. Certainly, public transportation has been developed in the city area, so it is true that there is no merit to dare to drive a car. However, there are things that you do not understand if you do not drive a car in Japan. In the same way, you may feel various things by driving a car even in China. Even if you do not go to the point where you actually drive, you will not get inconvenienced by acquiring a license, so if you are interested and have time, try to get a license.


Then, what is needed to acquire a domestic automobile license? 

It is described below. 

Required documents

1. Application form

2. Physical test result

3. Passport · Visa and copy of each

4. Resident Registration Table (Public security sign is required on extraordinary residence registration if you have no residence permit.)

5. Japanese(own countries) driver's license and its copy (also back side)

6. About the contents of Japanese(own countries) driver's license the Chinese translation and the translator's signature (own signature)

7. 1 inch size pictures 4 piece


1. Physical test fee 10 yuan

2. exam fee 50 Yuan

3. Photo fee about 25 yuan

4. License issuance fee 10 yuan

5. License delivery fee (EMS) 20 yuan

Total about 115 yuan   

we will submit the above documents 1 to 7 to each 車両管理所 that controls the area. If the submitted documents are accepted without incompleteness, the exam date will be decided on that time. Beijing's 車両管理所 have examination a total of 4 times in the morning and afternoon on Tuesday and Wednesday. Depending on the area, the day of the week and the time on the examination day are different, please check. In the case of the C1 class, only the paper exams are required for the examination, and that have 100 questions. We will pass with over 90 correct answers.The general license type is C1, We can drive ordinary cars that can ride up to seven people and ride on small bikes that under 50cc.