Study Chinese Language in China, 10. School cafeteria and Approximate food cost

10. School cafeteria and Approximate food cost


The school cafeteria is cheap and can eat every day. When going to a restaurant outside the campus, it costs at least 15 yuan to 20 yuan per serving, but in the cafeteria in the campus, 10 yuan is enough, it can eat adequately. Many universities in Beijing have come to use dining cards(prepaid cards) and there are places where cash payment can not be accepted. Dining cards will be issued by showing admission notice or student ID etc in the campus. We charge in advance before meals. Many students from various regions gather in Beijing, so there are multiple dishes at a large university so that local cuisine can be eaten. There is an expression "南甜北咸東辣西酸", if translated directly, it means "South is sweet, North is salty, east is hot, West is sour." As China is a vast land, seasoning changes depending on the region.


Pass the dining card which has been precharged to the arrow.


Charge the dining card and settle at the counter each time.


Bread is 1,2 yuan. White rice is 0.7 yuan. Side dishes range from 5 yuan to 10 yuan, which makes us a lot of side dishes till it always spills the tray.

As a standard of food expenses, suppose that meals are served in the university for three meals a day, the food expenses are around 20 yuan, so the food expenses for the month will be about 600 yuan in simple calculation. Fast food shops familiar of the world KFC, McDonald's, Burger King etc are not much different in price. On the other hand, alcoholic beverages are generally cheap, but beer is extremely cheap among alcoholic beverages. The Japanese brand's SUPER DRY and ITIBAN SIBORI are also being sold, and 500 ml cans are sold at about 7 yuan even at convenience stores and others.